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Math fear is seeded at the very beginning of our children’s educational journey. Most of the children do not understand why and where to use mathematical knowledge as they do not see any real-life use of mathematics. In contrast, children love to play with robots. What if the fear of math is converted to a love for math by programming robots and playing with them? In this program, children will learn how to generate mathematical logic and convert them into a programable command for a drone and finally program that drone to execute commands. Throughout the program, children will understand the use and impact of mathematics to gain expertise in robotics while programming a drone to
execute a specific task.

Math To Robotics Program Outcome

Fundamentals of Math

Students will have the opportunity to understand Fundamental concepts of
algebra, Geometry and develop logic based flowcharts to write a program
connecting these concepts

Introduction to Block Based Programing

Students will have the opportunity to learn and hands on practice of block based
programming (Scratch )

Drone Programing With Tello Edu

Students will have the basic concept of
Aerodynamics, Drone, and also how to program drones using Block based Programming. Also, they will discuss how to solve different problems
using drones and Mathematics.

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