“Math to Robotics” team conducted the third workshop at BARI High School, Joydebpur, Gazipur on 18th and 19th July. The inquisitive minds at Gazipur asked what they should do when AI can do many things like completing their assignments, writing codes, drawing pictures, etc.

The team members told them to “Learn Math” because mathematics will give them perspectives to solve real-life problems and enhance their reasoning ability. Participants developed a game using block-based programming and codes to fly drones to complete the testing of a telecom tower!
The Math to Robotics team believes one day these youths will be the makers of Bangladesh. Now they build robots; next, they will build their own country. So, we want them to love learning math and enjoy using its competencies to solve real-life problems.
With the support from EMK Center, and academic support from Banglar Math, the Math to Robotics team is developing a curriculum for youths who will chase into the job market of 4IR which will be full of robots. This curriculum will be piloted in four districts in Bangladesh.