The safeguarding policy dissemination workshop of the “Math to Robotics” program has been held online.

At this program, our safeguarding focal point, Mahbuba Sultana, was present, and the project team lead, Ahmed Shahriar Shuva, and Asst. coordinator Maherul Azam Koreshi shared the safeguarding policy with the resource persons, mentors, and volunteers.

The “Math to Robotics” program is committed to providing all participants with a safe and supportive environment.

This safeguarding policy outlines our commitment to preventing and responding to safeguarding incidents. We will ensure that all organizers, facilitators, and volunteers know and comply with this policy.

We will also review and update this policy regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and effective in protecting the welfare of our participants.

We are truly grateful to the EMK Center for supporting our mission.